Thursday, January 31, 2008

Round Two!

We put our house back on the market yesterday. We had it on before for 13 months with no luck.

I feel good about it this time! I feel like it is our time! So I am confident that it will sell!

Sawyer is one years old and needs his own room (right now he is sharing with my scrapbook stuff), he needs a place that is completly safe for him that he can play with anything in there and not get in trouble!

So I am putting it out there! My house is going to sell soon!


Mcmuffy said...

Good luck KM. I hope it sells really quick. Poor Sawyer does need his own room. And mom needs her own scrap room. LOL

Shawn said...

woo hoo! You're gonna think I'm nuts but I think you need to "smudge" some sage in your home. Give some good vibes maybe that will help you sell your home soon! Couldn't hurt to try!!

Kerry said...

It will sell this time! (ummmmmm how do you smudge sage I wonder)

Kristin Michelle said...

do you mean some fresh sage? just put it around the house?

at this point no idea sounds crazy to me!

Shawn said...

You actually get a bundle of it (it's dried) and you burn it walking through the house paying attention to all the corners. It is an Indian tradition I believe. :)

Kerry said...

just don't catch the house on fire