Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sawyer's First Christmas!

Today has just been so much fun!

When Sawyer woke up we had all his presents and his stocking sitting on the floor! He was so excited when he saw them!

First he dug into his stocking...his favorite in there was a couple of Barney DVD's....he just loves that purple dino!

On to the presents he went! He had fun tearing the paper off, Daddy had to help a little! He got a little phone, soft trucks, a v-tech nursey rhyme book, and then he opened the little superstat sing along stage...and that was it! He started pushing buttons and started dancing to the music! He was giving himself kisses in the little mirror...it was just so cute to watch him get so excited! So we decided to save the rest for later!

We got ready and headed over to my mom's house !

Sawyer got lots more great stuff over there! He got some peek-a-blocks and farm, a laugh and learn song and story chair, learning toolbench, fridge farm magnets, some books, and some clothes!

We are home resting...Jennifer is coming over later!


Shawn said...

cute pics! sounds like sawyer had a great christmas. I think Mark needs a new shirt for next Christmas. hehe

Kristin Michelle said...

I can not believe he wore that shirt!!!!!
i guess I am going to be doing alot of cropping!

Shawn said...

hahaha!!! I was wondering how he got away with wearing that!!